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Photo Links

Links to various photographic sites of bodysurfers and big wave days in So Cal.

Big Wednesday ‘07: Dec 5, 2007

Another huge So. Cal. day.  Several bodysurf rides of huge waves at the Cove, and a couple of shots of LA South Bay.

Wedge, Aug 7, 2006

Jeff Lashbrook and others ride the Wedge and Cylinders on a classic Wedge day.

Big Sat ‘06: Dec 9, 2006

Big swell hits La Jolla Cove and South Bay.

Hugh Berenger’s Flickr Site

Hugh’s bodysurfing set on Flickr.  Lots of shots of San Clemente State Park, with others from the La Jolla Reefs and other places.

Feb 24 & 25, 2008

A few shots of one of the biggest days in 2008.  Unfortunately, no bodysurfing shots.

Hugh Berenger’s Picasa Albums

SCSP, Wedge, La Jolla Reefs and other

Rod Hepburn Bodysurfing Album at Costco

Shots by Rod Hepburn, largely at La Jolla reefs.

World Bodysurfing Championships

Hank Haldeman album on Picasa of the 2007 World Bodysurfing Championships in Oceanside.

2007 International Bodysurfing Championship

Manhattan Beach competition photos by Hank Haldeman.

Hal’s Party, 2008

Hal Handley Party during the 2008 World Bodysurfing Championships, including CPR training in tribute to Brent Crawford.

2006 Ocean Festival, San Clemente

San Clemente competition photos by Hank Haldeman.

Greg Rice Imagery

Greg Rice photography— Bodysurfing at Sandy Beach, Panic Point and other Hawaiian breaks.

Ron Romanosky

Romo: the dean of Wedge photographers!

Rod Hepburn’s Picasa Albums

Shots by Rod Hepburn, largely at La Jolla reefs.

Big Wednesday ‘05: Dec 21, 2005

One of the largest days in recent years in So. Cal. “The Shot” of Nick Menas by Jerry Freer and a few other shots from around So Cal.