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World Bodysurfing

Website for the World Bodysurfing Championships, held late August every year in Oceanside, CA.


Websites for various bodysurfing competitions, throughout the world.

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Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic

January/Febuary at Pipeline

International Bodysurfing Championship

Held in early August, Manhattan Beach, CA in connection with the International Surf Festival.  Bodysurfing to the North of the Pier, outrageous  six-man volleyball to the South.

Santa Cruz California Bodysurfing Championship

Late September in Santa Cruz, CA

San Clemente Ocean Festival

Bodysurfing competition organized by Eric Yeisley of the Golden Triangle, held as part of the San Clemente Ocean Festival each year in mid-July.

Pyramid Rock Bodysurfing Championships

Held every year since 2007 in the months of January-February at Pyramid Rock Beach on Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii.

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