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Bodysurfing Links

Websites of interest to Bodysurfers.  Suggestions invited—email to


Bodysurfing Group at Yahoo

Yahoo email-based discussion group, open to all.  Discussion of all topics of interest to the bodysurfing community.


Photo by Hank Haldeman

Brazilian Bodysufer Site

Links, photos, video, information.

Bodysurfers Group at Yahoo

A moderated (by invitation or permission only) group, with discussion limited to bodysurfing topics: an alternative, low-key, low-volume, on topic list amongst people within the bodysurfing community that are known to each other.  Inquiries invited.

Santa Cruz Bodysurfing Association

Links, conditions, contest information.

Manta Bodysurf Club

Bodysurf Mexico!

Hawaii State Bodysufing Assoc.

Links, photos, video, information.